Uprising Goggles - Grateful Dead x TGR "Dancing Skeletons"

Sale price$218.00 Regular price$273.00
Lens Color: Triflection Red
Sale price$218.00 Regular price$273.00
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Born in the Tetons

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Athlete Tested
TGR Optics Global Athletes beat the crap out of their goggles day in and day out so we can make the best performing product for you.
Quick Swap Mag Lenses
So quick. So easy. Innovative interchangeable magnetic tech = quick, seamless lens changes on the lift or trail.
Ready for Any Condition
All TGR Goggles include both a highlight and lowlight lens. You're ready for whatever condiitions Mother Nature throws your way.
Cylindrical ZEISS Quality
Cylindrical lenses are the most optically correct with minimal distortion & widest field of view.
Anti-Slip Strap
From yard sales to huge airs, our straps stay put and fit all major helmet brands.

Tech & Stuff

Backed by over 170 years of optical DNA, you won't find a higher performing lens than ZEISS. TGR Goggles come with a Mirrored Highlight lens for bluebird days and a Sonar Lowlight lens for storm days.

Anti-Fog Technology plus Ri-Pel™ hydrophobic & oleophobic technology makes lens cleaning easier. The water repellent and anti-smudge coating keeps your vision crystal clear.

Frames feature MI3 magnetic interchangeable lens technology for easy lens swapping when conditions change - without even taking the goggles off your face!!!

Protect your TGR Optics Goggles with this bomber storage case.

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