Area 51 DVD

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Born in the Tetons


In the 1950's the United States government restricted a 6 by 10 mile block of land somewhere north of Las Vegas.

Although the̴Ì_government̴Ì_will not discuss this top secret facility, it has been consistently associated with UFO sightings and conspiracy stories. The reasons for the cover up of alien activity is unclear, but one thing is for sure, the government will do everything in their power to stop the public from knowing the truth. The most probable explanation is that mass panic would ensue if the public knew we were being visited by beings far superior to ourselves. In 1999, TGR exposes AREA 51, a 16mm jib flick that shows skiings new generation going bigger than ever and pulling the sickest tricks imaginable. Filmed at competitions and sessions around the globe, this movie has it all.

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