"The Dude" Limited Edition Tie Dye Robe

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Color: Earth
Sale price$196.00
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Born in the Tetons


TGR Abides.

The coziest, most essential robe ever invented is back! Made exclusively for TGR, these robes are the most comfortable robes in the universe. Super soft, hoodie robes for mornings in the kitchen, afternoons on the couch, and long walks to and from the onsen. After countless hours apres’ing on the couch, we finally nailed the perfect robe.

We pride ourselves on being experts on leisure and we can guarantee you that these robes are 100% Grade-A Leisure Approved for whatever life brings your way (or doesn’t).

Each robe requires over 48 hours of dyeing and an immense amount of dyes. This is not your average tie dye.

These 100% cotton terry cloth robes are available in 4 distinct colors: Earth (Green), Water (Blue), Fire (Orange) and Sun (Yellow). Due to the nature of tie dyes, no 2 are exactly the same, therefore your robe will not look exactly like the picture below!

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