Higher Cylindrical Goggles - Classic Edition

Sale price $110.00 Regular price$138.00
Strap: Classic TGR
Lens Color: Petrol
Sale price$110.00 Regular price$138.00
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Born in the Tetons


**Discontinued Goggles by end of 2023**

Higher Cylindrical goggles are designed to perform in any condition. This goggle style combines a frameless look, the world's best snow optics technology by Carl Zeiss, and premium magnetic interchangeable MI3 frames. Cylindrical lenses maximize your field of view and ensure your vision is crisp.

Goggle Specs:

  • Cylindrical lenses maximize the field of view
  • Frames feature MI3 magnetic interchangeable lens technology for easy lens swapping when conditions change
  • Triple-layer face foam conforms to your face for maximum comfort
  • ZEISS Lens Technology, includes:
    • Mirrored All Conditions Highlight (sunny) Lens
    • No low light lens indluded
  • Face Size: Medium/Large
  • Strap: No-slip silicon
  • ZEISS Anti-Fog Technology
  • TGR Evo case, goggle bags and wipes included
  • Designed to fit comfortably over prescription eyewear
  • Visual Light Transmission %:
    • Grey Lens  12.93 VLT %
    •  Gun Blue  12.66 VLT %
    •   ML Red 12.57 VLT %
    •  Petrol 11.67 VLT %
    •   Alps Silver 9.64 VLT %
    •  ML Pink  11.46 VLT %

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