Fire On The Mountain

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Fire On The Mountain "Easter Egg Hunt" Contest

Introducing the Fire On The Mountain "Easter Egg Hunt" - an interactive contest where your challenge is to find 3 different hidden artworks within the film. While the Grateful Dead music plays, you might find yourself getting lost in the film but look closely, as there is more than meets the eye. Enter to win prizes: pair of Atomic x Grateful Dead Bent Chetler 120's, Atomic Shift Bindings, Dakine x Grateful Dead Baron Mitts, Benchetler prints, TGR gear + more.

Winners announced weekly. Contest ends April 28.

Step 1: Watch 'Fire On The Mountain' and look for the three Easter Eggs: a skull, a mammoth, and "Old Man Winter"

Step 2: Enter the Contest at & answer the questions. Don't worry, even if you get the questions wrong you are still entered into the contest.

Step 3: Stay tuned to TGR & Benchetler's channels. Weekly Winners Announced on April 14, 21, and 28.

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