Maddix Alotis

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Maddix Alotis

North Shore, Oahu HI
Big Wave Surfing
Favorite Mountain
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
Favorite Wave
Spearfishing and when I’m in the snow, snowboarding
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18 year-old Maddix Alotis grew up on the North Shore of Oahu, surfing's mecca. His dad Troy, who helped pioneer big wave riding, introduced him to surfing and driving jet skis at an early age. Maddix recently surfed Jaws for the first time, his first wave he paddled into was one of the cleanest tubes of the swell. 

He’s already a formidable force at Pipeline and the outer reefs on big surf days, mentored by the likes of John John Florence, Mark Healey and Billy Kemper.

Maddix's passions reach beyond surfing, including diving, hunting and jiu jitsu. Every year he makes a pilgrimage to Wyoming's back country where he dedicates a month to riding and snowmobiling. 

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