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Hey, how about shipping Further to the people that ordered it when the shipping date was originally a week ago? I know they're just sitting there on your TGR desk.
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There's no possibility to download it paying ???
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Can we buy digitally only? I just want to download (HD) and watch on my computer + AirPlay.
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The shipping push back is just getting ridiculous. Every time I come back to see if my pre-order has been shipped, I'm greeted by a new date. It's SOOOOOO frustrating. What's making it worse is that there seems to be no digital download? So I can't even cancel the physical copy and wait for it to show up on iTunes. Ugh. Has anyone got an update on what the issue is? I've seen radio silence from TGR.
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Teton Gravity Research's "Jeremy Jones' Further" DVD / Blu-Ray Combo Pack

Further, the second installment in the Jeremy Jones trilogy, Deeper, Further, Higher presented by O’Neill, explores some of the world’s most remote terrain while continuing Jones’ mission to camp deep in the backcountry and on the summits of unridden lines to access nearly vertical spines and wide open powder fields. Join the TGR crew in the Japanese Alps, Atomfjella Mountains (Svalbard), Karwendel Range (Austria), Wrangell Mountains (Alaska) and other faraway zones as they push their minds and bodies Further.

This combo pack features one SD-DVD version and one Blu-Ray version

Included is a 1 year subscription to TW, details inside the box

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AthletesJeremy Jones | Terje Haakonsen | Ryland Bell | Lucas Debari | Forrest Shearer | Josh Dirksen | Mitch Toelderer | Bibi Pekarek