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Soul Purpose DVD

From the producers of 17 award winning films including the 2003 ski film of the year, comes “Soul Purpose”. “Soul Purpose” takes an introspective look at the driving forces behind an athlete’s devotion to skiing and its lifestyle. Shot on vibrant 16mm film with an aesthetic and soulful integration of photographs, TGR’s 2004 release is one of the most progressive, original and creative ski films to date. Soul Purpose features Sage Cattabriga- Alosa, continuing his laid back and stylish assault of big mountain lines, while the rest of the Utah posse continues to drop jaws. Micah and Nobis find undiscovered couloirs in Italy; the jib crew expands the industry’s concept of big mountain lines; and Burks, Law and J. Jones descend on Mica Creek BC. Experience the athlete’s highs and lows, get a glimpse of their lives, find the soul of skiing, and discover Soul Purpose.

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AthletesSage Cattabriga-Alosa, Jeremy Nobis, Micah Black, Jeremy Jones, Will Burks, Victoria Jealouse, Shroder Baker, Jonny Law, Marc Andre Belliveau, Chris Collins, Candide Thovex, Jamie Pierre, Dan Gardiner, Erik Roner, Tanner Rainville, Skogen Sprang, and Tanner Hall